Dos and donts in vienna

The must-know Do’s and Don’ts in Vienna

First to Schönbrunn Palace, then hang out in the Museumsquartier and later to a tasteful district Spritzwein in Beisl? If you’re vacationing in Vienna, you’ll lose track of things. We…

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Eiffel tower facts

Eiffel Tower: 9 facts you do not know yet

The Eiffel Tower was built for the 1889 Paris World’s Fair, which coincided with the 100th anniversary of the French Revolution. For such an occasion, a pompous new building at…

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Unknown facts about greece

Unknown Facts About Greece

For a little insight into this wonderfully exciting and varied Greece, We have put together some Unknown Facts about Greece. Have fun while reading. 1. Greece is not called Greece …

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The Dutch Village Without Streets: Giethoorn

A small Dutch village without streets named Giethoorn makes for an exciting holiday. The place that seems to come from a fairytale is also called the Venice of the North…

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Tips for amsterdam

Insider Tips for Traveling in Amsterdam

Tips For Traveling in Amsterdam: Are you already planning for your Amsterdam trip and are still looking for good insider tips for Amsterdam? Then you have come to the right…

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