Best Desert Vacations in the USA That You Need To Visit This Year!


Whether you are tired of the incessant rains or just want a break from the clamourous city life, a desert can be the perfect getaway for you. A solitary and warm desert town in the USA offers you the peace and calm that will help you to rejuvenate your mind. Even though these places are affected by scorching heat during the summers, visiting them during the autumn or early winter can be a perfect idea. So, we have rounded up 6 places for the best desert vacations in the USA which can offer you the retreat you have been looking for!

5 Places For The Best Desert Vacations USA

Here are the 5 best places that can be the perfect destination for your next desert vacation

Sedona, Arizona

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It takes around two hours to reach Sedona from Phoenix and it is famous for its marvelous red sandstone formations that have been surrounded by dense pine forests. The Sedona landscape offers a brilliant opportunity for adventure lovers to try out various activities like hiking, biking, and horseback riding. Many people believe that this place is surrounded by mystical powers because of the “Vortexes”. Summers are really hot here but from the end of fall, the temperatures become really pleasant. If you are tired after a long trek and your legs need a break, then you can sign up for a Jeep Tour through the picturesque landscape. There are some refreshing spas and massage centers along with local restaurants like the Reds Restaurant, that offers mouth-watering dishes. Give a quick visit to the Chapel of the Holy Cross and enjoy the spiritual silence around the place. You will have ample hotel options in this area and all of them are packed will all the essential amenities.

Joshua Tree National Park, California

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Named after the Joshua Trees that can be found in abundance here, Joshua Tree National Park is a 2.5 hours drive from Los Angeles. This is a huge national park that is even bigger than Rhode Island. Campers and adventure seekers are attracted to this place throughout the year especially after the fall. If you love rock climbing, then this park will be your perfect destination due to the innumerable boulders which are huge. Don’t forget to visit the Skull Rock and Arch Rock as they offer the mesmerizing scenic beauty and a great place to set camp for the night. You will find hotels of all budgets around this place or you can opt to book a cottage that is available for hire as well. You will have an easy time finding local pubs and restaurants to indulge in delicious delicacies.

Las Vegas, Nevada


This place needs to introduction as Las Vegas is one of the most popular desert destinations around the world. With luxury hotels and gambling clubs spread all over the area, this town is perfect for those who want to plan for an extravagant vacation.

Party till late night hours, enjoy the sizzle of the dance clubs and satisfy your sinful cravings at the world-class restaurants available here. Apart from city life, you can also enjoy outdoor activities at the Red Rock Canyon and the Sloan Canyon. You can do some hiking, rock climbing, desert biking, and a few more exciting adventure activities at Las Vegas.

If you are not worried about your budget and want to experience the time of your life then don’t miss out on the Las Vegas Hot Air Balloon Ride and the Grand Canyon All-American Helicopter Tour. Both of them allow you to experience the outstanding scenic beauty surrounding the place. Las Vegas is surely going to one of the best desert vacations USA you have ever planned!

Big Bend National Park, Texas

bend national park

Spread over 801,163 acres of land, the Big Bend National Park in Texas can provide you with one of the best desert vacations in the USA. The majority of the park is occupied by the Chisos mountain range and a large portion of the Chihuahuan Desert. So you will have no problem finding the right adventure activities that are going to satisfy your adrenaline.

One of the best things to do in this park is to hike the Santa Elena Canyon. Another must-do activity in the Park is to soak in the Hot Springs. Yes! There are several natural hot springs in this area especially around the Rio Grande Village area where you can take a relaxing dip into the springs. If you are interested to know about the rich history of this place, then drop by the Fossil Discovery Exhibit at the Panther Junction.

Moab, Utah


With more than a million other tourists during the months of October to March, Moab, Utah is a fantastic desert getaway in the US. It is situated in the Southern part of the Arches National Park and if you have your own vehicle then it is a 30 minutes drive from the Canyonlands National Park. You will not be bored a second when you visit Moab. With several outdoor activities to engage in like mountain biking, whitewater rafting on the Colorado River and also enjoying the ATV trails.

There are several eateries around the region that are worth visiting for trying out the local cuisine. You can also find some really cool breweries here where you can drink some freshly brewed beer. Set camp near the banks of the Colorado River and enjoy the night under the starry sky and cool breeze.

So here are the top destinations for the Best Desert vacations USA this year.

Final Words

The USA undoubtedly has the most amazing dessert destinations in the world. All of them offer fantastic activities to engage in and allows you to make a lot of amazing memories. We have listed a few of them on our list, as you can see above, and now it is your turn to pack your bags, plan an itinerary and travel to the best desert vacations in the USA as soon as possible.

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