The Dutch Village Without Streets: Giethoorn


A small Dutch village without streets named Giethoorn makes for an exciting holiday. The place that seems to come from a fairytale is also called the Venice of the North and the highlight is crystal clear – there are no roads. You must have already seen the posts about Giethoorn on social media and thought about paying a visit to this cute village.

Today we would like to give you some tips for your visit to Giethoorn, so you can avoid crowds and enjoy a relaxing getaway.

Giethoorn: The Venice of the North

Giethoorn is a small village in the province of Overijssel in the Netherlands and is located just over an hour’s drive from the German border crossing at Meppen in Lower Saxony. This fairytale village consists of numerous canals, from which one has a beautiful view of the typical Dutch thatched houses. During the visit, you really have the feeling that you are immersed in a dream world and have gone back in time. Seemingly, the clocks tick somehow slower. Here are a few places in Giethoorn that everyone must visit.

1. Bridging the time in Giethoorn with bridges

The Dutch village - Giethoorn

Of course – Giethoorn has to be discovered by boat! But those who think that there is nothing to see on land are wrong. The village and the canals are all connected by small bridges, so you can marvel at the various museums and monuments on foot. Visit, for example, the Gem and Minerals Museum or the small traditional shipyard “Scheepswerf Schreur”, where boats are still being built and renovated today.

2. Driving a whisper boat

whisper boat in Giethoorn

At Ferienpark Specials you will find a number of holiday parks, which are very close to Giethoorn and can be reached via the waterways. For example, the holiday park Giethoorn, in which between April and October a private boat in the rental price of the house is included. So take your own whisper boat (the name comes from the very quiet electric motor) for a trip to Giethoorn and the surrounding waters. Incidentally, on the large lakes of the region, time can also be wonderfully spent surfing, sailing, and swimming.

3. Bicycle tours through the National Park Weerribben-Wieden

Bicycle tour in Giethoorn

The province of Overijssel has a lot of nature in addition to the cozy village of Giethoorn. During your holiday near Giethoorn, be sure to visit the approximately 90 km² National Park, which offers the largest marshy landscape in Western Europe and is a real natural spectacle. In the national park, you will find an extensive cycling and hiking network, which leads you to the most beautiful corners of the national park. And what would a holiday in Holland be without a bike?

4. Määh! Giethoorn with children

best things to do for children in giethoorn

Are you traveling with children? Just 8km from Giethoorn, you will find the Residence de Ease, ideal for a holiday with the kids. This holiday park has an outdoor pool, a kids’ club, and even a petting zoo. So, if it gets too much for foreign tourists and weird birds, just discover chickens, rabbits and much more with the whole family.

5. Twice twenty kilometers to Zwolle


If you fancy a day of shopping and a little culture, you should take a day trip to nearby Zwolle. This city offers numerous shops, as well as great museums and restaurants. If you are looking for something really Dutch, you should set out in Zwolle for the pancake ship on the canal. Try wild creations of almost all Dutch dumplings, such as savory pancakes with bacon and mushrooms, or a sweet variation of bananas, nuts, and Nutella.

There are many reasons for visiting the village without roads. When will you discover the Venice of the North? There is no shortage of ideas, places to see or exciting activities on your trip or even holidays to Giethoorn. Enjoy the time in the Venice of the north.

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