Scariest Haunted Houses In US

Haunted and scariest places in US

The kind of adventure, fun, and adrenaline rush you experience in a scary haunted house has really no match. This kind of adventure filled fun has its own flavour and appeal. That’s why there are many haunted houses in America throughout to entertain people of all ages, who all take fun in spooky things. Spooky, creepy, scary haunted houses with all sorts of stuff to make you scream truly make for great thrill during an outing. Whether it’s a family outing, a get-together with friends, or even an informal date; ghost houses are really great ways to explore the overload of adrenaline rush.

There are scary houses in all important towns and cities across the country. But some of them are more famous for their awesome arrangement. One entering the famous scariest haunted houses in America would not be able to stop himself from screaming at full throttle and getting bewildered at the spooky activities inside. The overall atmosphere of such houses are made to send the visitor through roller coaster of fun, excitement, creepy thrill, adventure, adrenaline rush, and lots of screaming and hastening through the pathway.

If you are tired of trying amusement parks, movie theatres, shopping etc for entertainment, then this new urban way of getting entertained can really give you a great thrilling experience. Hence, here are listed the top best haunted houses in America.

Headless Horseman

Headless horseman

The Headless Horseman is an entire building dedicated to spooky themed horse ride along a creepy path with many scary elements. There are many more attractions all of different creepy nature. This is located in the Headless Horseman Hayrides and Haunted Houses building, which belongs to the 18th century. This building was made in 1793 and stands on the Hudson Valley area in the state of New York.

The must visit rooms in the haunted house are the corn maze, the hayride, and the headless horseman escape room. Price of the ticket for this place is $49.95.

Field of Screams

field of screams

Coming next in the list of scariest haunted houses in America is Field of Screams. This haunted house is located at Mountville in Pennsylvania. This is made on a farm which is located at Lancaster. The establishment started in 1993. The best activity to enjoy here is the night walk, which would take you through a post-apocalyptic trail. Tickets are priced at $37 and $25.

The Dent Schoolhouse

Haunted places in USA
The Northener

This haunted house is located on a really creepy site which was once the site of a mass murder. The Dent School was actually a school which was once operational. The school started at 1894. Then an event happened after which the site turned spooky and haunted. Many students got missing, and were murdered. A janitor of the school was suspected for the crimes. This happened at around the 1950s. After this the school was closed, and later this place has been turned into the haunted house. Tickets to the place range in between $15 and $55. They arrange a special walk through the school in absolute dark. The name of this tour is Lights Out, and one must not miss this.

13th Gate

Scariest places in US
Tha advocate

The 13th Gate is one haunted house in Louisiana at Baton Rouge, where both indoor and outdoor spooky activities can be enjoyed. The entertainment centre is operational since 16 years. They offer many activities which poke the human senses through varied types of phobias. There are swamp activities, snake infested regions, zombie laden paths, tunnels for cramped walking, and much more to take thrill of. One of the much talked about activities is the Axe-throwing activity at the Carnevil of the scary house. Tickets are available in the price range of $30 to $55.


most haunted places
Gwinneett daily post

The Netherworld is another top attraction amongst the scary haunted houses in America. Ben Armstrong and Billy Messina made this haunted house. The former was a producer of TV shows. The latter was an expert of special effects. They together worked on the making of the haunted house to display original scenes and characters.

The Netherworld is highly popular in the city, and has been ranked by the Atlanta magazine. This offers two different themed haunted houses. One is with an extra-terrestrial theme, and anther is with a classic theme. The former is named The Unknown, and the latter is called The Awakened. Cost of entry to the house ranges in between $23 and $55.

Nightmare on 13th

Most scariest places in US

This haunted house is one of the oldest and scariest haunted houses in America. It has been running since 28 years, and is located at Utah in the Salt Lake City. This is also the largest and the oldest haunted house in the state of Utah which is confirmed by the ABC4 News too.

One of the special highlights of the Nightmare on 13th is that, this keeps on changing its theme and sets constantly. This means one who would be going to the place after every few months would get to experience some difference things. Attractions get reformed and renewed each time to give visitors something new and special to get horrified. The entry fee is in between $25 and $45.

Haunted Schoolhouse and Laboratory

haunted school house

This is another among the best haunted houses in America which is running since 30 years. There are total 7 floors in the house. Each floor has a different attraction, and plays with many different phobias. The must experience show is happy hour at the Haunted Midway. The cost of entry tickets is $25 to $30.


All of the above haunted houses are chart toppers among the best haunted houses in America. They have a reputation for being the scariest haunted houses in America. That’s why, if you are looking for some really spooky fun, you must plan to visit some of these scary haunted houses in America. Visiting a haunted house surely gives an intense different kind of adrenaline fun. But this must be experienced once in life to feel the spicy side of having a fear or phobia.

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