Beautiful Hidden Places in Sydney

beautiful Hidden Places in Sydney

Sydney is one of the beautiful cities in the world and is famous for its unique charm and beauty. Sydney is not only one of the best cities in Australia, but also of the world because of several reasons. This city is home to everything that it takes to be the best city of the world- gorgeous coastlines, cultural landscape, natural beauty, the seductive outdoor lifestyle, the beautiful harbor of the planet and is home to dynamic arts. In a nutshell, Sydney is a city of superlatives that has everything that a city should have!

Apart from the gorgeous coastlines and the Opera House, there are various other destinations that are still unexplored and unknown to many. These beautiful hidden places in Sydney are the secret jewels that are located in some of the hidden gem spots in this city. Let’s explore each of them!

Beautiful hidden places in Sydney that you didn’t know existed:

There are some of the beautiful hidden places in Sydney which most of the travelers are not aware of. Even if you have visited Sydney for several times, you might have missed out on one of the below-mentioned destinations! Here are lists of the spots in Sydney which you might not have heard till date. 

Whendy Whiteley’s secret garden as one of the beautiful hidden places in Sydney-

Whendy Whiteley's secret garden

This beautiful destination in Sydney has a very heart touching story behind it. Most of the travelers come here to take rest and rejuvenate in this beautiful paradise-like garden. Whendy Whitney lost her husband in 1992 and she had a small piece of land left with her. Instead of living her life in grief and sorrow, she decided to transform this piece of land into a beautiful garden. She also practiced horticulture. At first, she was not aware of anything about horticulture, but she didn’t underestimate her instincts. Her garden is full of tasteful herbs, an array of native bushes and transcending trees. Not only that, her garden is home to a gathering of bird life which attracts most of the tourists.

This is one of the beautiful hidden places in Sydney. It is now a beautiful picnic spot and Wendy feels that the only way to keep her guests happy is by bringing food and refreshment of their choice. Beautiful chairs and tables are set out which makes it a perfect spot to enjoy the ambiance as well as the food. There are no street signs to Wendy Whiteley’s secret garden. Check out the Google map for your reference. 

Dudhley Page reserve- a marvelous spot for watching fireworks

Dudhley Page reserve
Sydney New Year’s eve

Age doesn’t matter if you really want to have fun! This is a beautiful public park and is one of the beautiful hidden places in Sydney. Dudhley Page Reserve is crowded especially during New Year Eve because it is the ideal destination to watch fireworks on this day. If you wish to come here apart from New Year’s Eve, then you are welcome to do so! This park is usually quiet and you can watch the Sydney harbor from this park. Except for the New Year eve, this park remains empty and is the best location to flaunt your photography skills. You can relax and refresh your minds and watch the boats sail in the harbor. You can also enjoy this view as you swing in one of the kid’s swings. This spot is definitely worth considering if you want to have an adventurous and relaxing weekend. 

Paddington Reservoir Gardens- hidden gem in Sydney and one of the best picnic spots

Paddington Reservoir Gardens
Weekend Notes

Paddington Reservoir Gardens, one of the beautiful hidden places in Sydney is popular for its beautiful story behind its creation. This reservoir went through a lot of changes after it stopped distributing water in 1899. At first, it was a garage and then it was converted into a petrol station and now it is one of the heritage listed venues of Sydney. This design of this park has won the Australian Award for Urban Design and from then, this garden attracts not only tourists but also artists. This is because the artists who are in search of venues for portraying their work and creations usually choose this place for presenting their art installations, creations, and shows. The City’s Oxford Street is very near to this park and you can easily reach here by any of the public transport. 

Enjoying a weekend picnic at Barangaroo Reserve 

picnic at Barangaroo Reserve

The newly opened site of Sydney, Barangaroo Reserve has become one of the favorite destinations among the tourists. This reserve is both an entertainment space as well as a park and if you happen to visit here, then you will surely enjoy the panoramic views of the Sydney Harbor. This reserve is home to more than 150 species of birds along with the famous bird of Australia, Kookaburra.

This is one of the beautiful hidden places in Sydney and the tourists can enjoy a delightful picnic here. There is a food outlet within the park boundaries that allows you to enjoy sumptuous food and drink and gives you a plethora of options to choose your favorite delicacies! You can also enjoy a perfect picnic in the open air with complete picnic specialists and utensils at your service! 

Mahon Pool – beautiful hidden places in Sydney maintaining low profile of visitors

Mahon Pool

Are you fond of swimming? If yes, then this destination is perfect for you. Mahon pool is located in Maroubra. We all know that Sydney is famous for surfing and most of the tourists choose Bronte and Bondi pools because they don’t know about this heavenly pool to swim their heart out! Mahon Pool is located far away from the city and is one of the best swimming destinations. The best part is that this spot maintains a low profile of visitors and therefore it is a perfect destination to enjoy a peaceful environment. The wave splashes, blue-green water, and the exotic beach are a perfect retreat for rejuvenation and relaxation! 

So next time if you are planning to visit, do not forget to list down these beautiful hidden places in Sydney because if you don’t explore these secret jewels, you’ll really miss out some of the greatest charms of this place! 

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