Give a Visit To These Top Military Museums in The United States

military museum

The USA has a rich and really fascinating military history. With the country’s military engaging in so many different wars and conquests over the years, history has accumulated with time. Whether you are interested in the Army, Air Force, or the Navy, you will surely find a military museum in almost every state of the country. We have hand-picked some of the best military museums in the USA that are definitely worth a visit. From the American Revolutionary War to the Second World War, these museums brings back memories of all those deadly time when men and women laid down their lives for their country. Here are the most popular military museums in the USA.

Best Military Museums you need to visit in the USA

Here is a list of the most visited military museums which are absolutely worth your time

National WWI Museum and Memorial

WWI museum

Located in the heart of Kansas City, the National WWI Museum and Memorial were recognized as the country’s first WWI museum in 2014. You will be surprised to know that this is the second oldest World War I museum in the entire world.

Check out the marvelous memorial that has been built in honor of the fallen soldiers. Learn about the different battles the soldiers fought and how they emerged victorious against all odds.

There are innumerable artifacts that you can study and at different times of the year, the authority hosts several events in the 47-acre grounds. Standing at 217 feet, don’t miss climbing to the top of Liberty Memorial Tower to see the entire Kansas City.

National Infantry Museum & Soldier Center

infantry museum

The National Infantry Museum & Soldier Center in Georgia is not only a brilliant place to know about the history of the United States Army Infantry but also a fun destination to engage in some amazing military activities. At this excellent museum, you will be able to witness hundreds of unique artifacts which are from the different time period of the history of American Infantry.

Be it the War for Independence or the recent Iraqi War, souvenirs and memoirs of all those intense moments have been preserved in this museum. You can also watch a first-hand experience of how it feels to be in the military, with the soldiers often training in the museum grounds.

They practice several exciting stunts and activities which will surely push you to the edge of the seat. For tourists who are brave enough, can even get an opportunity to fire some of the weapons used by the military in the shooting range. How cool is that? Undoubtedly, the National Infantry Museum & Soldier Center is one of the best museums to visit.

National Naval Aviation Museum

naval museum

Take a trip to Fredericksburg in Florida and visit the National Naval Aviation Museum. It is dedicated to the fallen heroes of World War II and it is also the hometown of famous Fleet Admiral Chester W. Nimitz. The museum is divided into three major sections – the Pacific Combat Zone, the Admiral Nimitz Museum, and the George H.W. Bush Gallery.

All three sections have tonnes of artifacts to check out and you can easily know a lot about the contributions of the American Navy during WWII. The galleries have several memoirs and documents on display with multimedia presentations to offer a more immersive experience to the tourists.

You can see a lot of different weapons that were used during the war. For those who are looking for a peaceful and solitary time inside the premise, then make sure to visit the Japanese Garden of Peace. It was donated by the Japanese Government during the 130th-anniversary celebration of the town.

The Gettysburg National Military Park Museum and Visitor Center


Gettysburg is the place where you would get the best essence of American Military history. The Gettysburg National Military Park Museum and Visitor Center are flocked by tourists all year round and you can take a quick stroll down the battlefield in the Pennsylvania town.

This massive museum is divided into several galleries like the American Civil War that also includes original artifacts from the intense period of war and battles. You can also choose to visit the Union Field Hospitals and check how the soldiers were treated during the war.

Hire a guide and take a tour of the entire museum to experience a blast from the past. You will also find several recreational activities going on around the museum where you can participate and enjoy your time here.

National Museum of the Marine Corps

marine corps

The National Museum of the Marine Corps is one of the most recognized military museums in the USA. You can witness soldiers training and practicing several military activities. The verdant greenery around the place helps you to relax and rejuvenate yourself amidst the memoirs of the rich military past that the place is associated with.

So here are the best military museums in the USA that you must visit and take a glance at.

Final Words – Military museums across the USA offer a fantastic opportunity for the people to witness some really interesting artifacts and memoirs of the past.

Check out these fantastic museums that we have mentioned in the above list and enjoy a mesmerizing day out with your family and friends. You can get more details about the opening hours of the museums by visiting their official site or by contacting the concerned authorities.

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