Music fest in USA

In the US, festivals are becoming increasingly popular and you can also hear your favorite artist outside the classical concert halls. Some of these festivals may seem expensive at first, but if you’re more specific about music, they’re not so expensive. If you participate in a big music festival, you have the choice between 150 artists or more.

Which are the BEST MUSIC FESTIVALS IN USA? It was not easy, but we were able to find out for you. These are the best of the best not only because you can see great musicians, but also because in a spectacular environment, it is not just a concert, but an experience.


best music festivals in USA

Known for fashion and performances, Coachella is perfect for all trendsetters among us, stars and celebrities and of course, music lovers. For many, the festival is at the top of the bucket list because this festival is a kind of hotbed for upcoming musicians which certainly make it one of the BEST MUSIC FESTIVALS IN USA. There is always a speculation as to who will really play and who will create headlines because of course, the whole atmosphere is shared with the world in pictures and through social media. so the unique vibe of this festival will be carried throughout the year and until the next Coachella.

Where – Indio, California
When – 10 April -20 April 2020


music festivals in USA
Eater austin

This abbreviation stands for South By South West. SXSW is often described as the ultimate trendsetter and newcomer event. The SXSW is so much more than just a music festival. It’s a mix of concerts, movies, interactive happenings that are visited by thousands of people. There are trade shows, talks and film premieres. Every year in March, sunny and beautiful Austin is taken over by the SXSW. Fans from all over the world come to the music and media festival. There is no shortage of activities at SXSW for anyone thus making it one of the BEST MUSIC FESTIVALS IN USA.

Where – Austin, Texas
When – 13 March -22 March 2020


best music festival in USA

Formerly focused solely on folk rock, Bonnaroo Music & Arts Festival today, has shifted towards an impressive range of musical genres from hard rock to rap, from hip hop to pop. In addition to music and entertainment, the festival also offers activities such as yoga, watercolor painting, art installations and an art market. Bonnaroo was described by the legendary Rolling Stone Magazine as one of the 50 Moments that changed Rock & Roll. If rock music is considered, Bonnaroo is definitely the BEST MUSIC FESTIVALS IN USA.

Where – Manchester, Tennessee
When – 11 June -14 June 2020


largest music festivals in USA
Consequence of sound

Lovingly called Lolla, Lollapalooza has grown annually since it started in 1991. With 8 stages and over 170 bands from all over the world, this is the festival that lets the masses celebrate and dance. Besides the music you can also admire the best dancers, comedians and artists. Lolla offers a stage for artists of all genres. Furthermore, this festival is also a platform for political and non-profit organizations. Last but not least, with the unique selection of culinary delights, Lollapalooza quickly reached a place in the Hall of Fame of music festivals. The Music, Dance, Food and Art simply make Lollapalooza, the BEST MUSIC FESTIVALS IN USA.

Where – Grant Park, Chicago
When – 30 July – 3 August 2020

Governors Ball

music festival

An exciting and almost contagious combination of rock, electronic, hip-hop, folk and pop, the Governors Ball Music Festival offers a truly amazing variety of music and culinary delights. Whether you just want to relax to the music of your favorite bands, or you want to plunge into the fray, Governors Ball has something for every taste. Similar to the other festivals on our list, it offers a combination of music and street food. It takes place on Randall’s Island Park, a kind of urban island with huge green spaces and offering plenty of space to spread out. This festival gives you the feeling of being part of a self-sufficient community that is on its own for a few days and experiencing an adventure. The scale of the festival and the participation of celebrities make this festival a success and one of the BEST MUSIC FESTIVALS IN USA.

Where – New York City, New York
When – 5 June – 7 June 2020

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