Places to visit in Las Vegas – A guide to the most entertaining hotspots

Las Vegas

Places to Visit in Las Vegas: Las Vegas needs no introduction. To say that this is one of the best places in the United States would be an understatement. This is because Las Vegas is renowned all over the world for the fun, entertainment and colorful experience it offers to visitors. The list of places to visit in Las Vegas is long and would leave you exhausted. However, it will certainly be an enriching experience. No matter which part of the globe you come from, once you step into this city you are guaranteed to be enthralled.

There are a number of activities that you can indulge in here. If you are in the city for the first time, however, it would be good to make a list of things to do in Las Vegas beforehand. To ease matters for you, here is a little Las Vegas travel guide to the most entertaining hotspots in the city that you simply must visit.  

Get a feel of the Fremont Street Experience:

Fremont Street

This is a unique experience that should be on your top of the things to do in Las Vegas. Located in downtown Las Vegas, a few kilometers from the Strip, Fremont Street is a pedestrian-only area and includes myriad unusual but interesting activities. Covered under a canopy of lights, Fremont Street feels like a spectacle of vibrant colors and designs as you walk under it. 

There’s a reason this place is called the Fremont Street Experience. Here, each night a brilliant dance, music and visual show take place. Furthermore, there are special entertainment shows done by street performers that never fail to impress the crowd. One thing to remember is that Fremont Street is best enjoyed if you are in a large group. 

Visit the unique The Mob Museum:

Mob museum

Perhaps the idea of visiting a museum while in Las Vegas might not be in your list of things to do in Las Vegas. However, the Mob Museum is truly one of a kind. Officially called the National Museum of Organized Crime and Law Enforcement, this unique museum is located in Nevada and will make you feel you have been transported into the world of the Wild-Wild-West that you would have seen on classic Hollywood films. 

The exhibits in the museum attempt to give a glimpse of the Mob in the USA. This is done through fascinating and interactive video clips and displays. Stories of individual characters as well as significant events related to the culture and fashion of that era are depicted engagingly. It’s certainly a must-visit spot and should be on your Las Vegas travel guide.

Get dazzled by the magnificence of The Strip:


If you are new to Las Vegas, you might be overwhelmed at first. After all, the list of places to visit in Las Vegas is rather long. However, one of the places you must consider is The Strip. Close to 3 kilometers long, the Strip runs across the city from northeast to southwest. The highlight of this place is that it is dotted with plenty of luxury resorts, theme places, grand restaurants, exotic casinos, and other entertainment places. There is not a single dull moment when you are at the Strip.

To start with, you can just take a stroll along the Strip and gawk at the sights. Once you are done, you can pick and choose the place you want to visit. It must be remembered that almost all the famous hotspots of Las Vegas are located in and around The Strip. The best time to visit the place is at night when the entire area is vibrant and glittering with lights making it a captivating experience. 

Take a thrilling helicopter ride over the Grand Canyon:

Helicopter ride

If you are an adventure buff and are looking for a unique experience while in Las Vegas then it might be a good idea to hire a chopper and take a ride over the magnificent Grand Canyon. Yes, you can easily avail a helicopter ride from any of the famous Las Vegas companies. This is perfect for those who want a closer look at the majestic canyon and also want a thrilling helicopter ride. This 25-kilometer long ride will take you away from the bustling city lights and straight to the serene desert.  

Another benefit of taking a chopper is that it can also take you on a ride over Las Vegas. Those who do not have the time to have a look at all the places to visit in Las Vegas would really benefit from this as you will get a bird’s eye glimpse of some of the famous locales in the city.

Board a ride on the exciting High Roller Ferris Wheel on the LINQ:

High roller

The High Roller Ferris wheel is one of the most famous parts in Las Vegas. Situated at the far end of the LINQ Promenade, just off the Strip, this is unlike any other Ferris wheel you might have seen in an amusement park. At 550 feet high (167 meters), the High Roller is known as the world’s largest observation wheel.

Another key point is that the High Roller has 28 air-conditioned compartments and one full rotation takes close to 30 minutes. As the wheel takes its rotation, you will be witness to some of the most outstanding and stunning sights of the many key hotspots of Las Vegas. Each cabin on the wheel can hold up to 40 people. In other words, it has enough space to cram your entire group with ease. The best time to board the High Roller Ferris wheel is at night. Because of the spectacular views of the city, you will get to see from the top will be absolutely mesmerizing at night.

The aforementioned spots are some of the more prominent places to visit in Las Vegas. However, if you want more options it would be prudent to take a look at any Las Vegas travel guide. You are likely to see places like Caesar’s Palace and The Colosseum, the Shark Reef Aquarium, Stratosphere Tower, MGM Grand Hotel, Vegas Indoor Skydiving, Madame Tussaud’s and Las Vegas Motor Speedway among other spots in things to do in Las Vegas.

Take your pick and head to the most colorful and entertaining city in the world.

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