Unforgettable Things to do in Hawaii


Hawaii always takes precedence in the travel itinerary of most people.

What exactly is there in Hawaii and why do people get attracted to it? The answer lies in another question ’What to do in Hawaii?’.

The question ‘What to do in Hawaii?’ can generally be answered by most Americans as it is America’s favorite beach destination. And the answer too would start and end with beaches because this small island nation is blessed with the most beautiful beaches and have many unforgettable things to do in Hawaii.

1.  Waikiki Beach on Oahu

Waikiki Beach

The beach of Waikiki is world-famous. It first gained fame in the 19th century, when the Hawaiian royal family spent their beach vacation here to learn how to surf. The first hotels were built around 1890, paving the way for today’s large tourist infrastructure. Near the beach, which is three kilometers long, there are numerous restaurants, bars, cafes, and shops.

The beach itself, which is divided into eight sections, is always full but rarely crowded. Even at the best time of the day, you can easily get a seat on the sand and surf. Even laymen can try surfing themselves. For children, life jackets are mandatory.

2. Pearl Harbor on Oahu

Pearl Harbor

Away from the capital of Honolulu, Pearl Harbor is the main attraction of Oahu, Hawaii’s main island. On December 7, 1941, a Japanese attack in the midst of peace not only destroyed the battleships of the Pacific Fleet but also dragged the country into World War II. With small boats today you can drive to the wreckage of the USS Arizona just below the water surface. Before that, there is a short documentary. More information is provided by the highly interesting exhibition in Hawaii in World War II. Pearl Harbor is always a must-visit place on every list of ‘What to do in Hawaii?’.

3. Volcanoes National Park on the Big Island

Volcanoes National Park

To see only one island in Hawaii would be a waste. Big and small aircraft fly back and forth between the islands. The largest island that gave the chain its name is simply called the Big Island. It looks like everything is freshly plowed. But the black furrows are not field soil, but broken lava. The island chain owes its existence to volcanoes. Nowhere is better than the largest island in Volcanoes National Park. This is one of the best experiences on the list of ‘What to do in Hawaii?’.

More than 100 years ago, Volcanoes National Park was founded, but its attractions are already millions of years old. Spraying lava is rarely seen but huge craters and caves formed by lava flows and steaming fields, are a huge attraction. Big Island is still active, with lava rock on every corner.

4. Akaka State Park on the Big Island

Akaka State Park

In Hawaii, you quickly feel connected to nature and the elements. There is not only the bubbling lava but also gigantic waterfalls. Especially recommended for those who appreciate rain forests is the Akaka State Park. Within a good hour, you walk along dense jungle to the 135-meter-high waterfall Akaka Falls. It is definitely worth a visit.

5. Kona region on the Big Island

Kona region

Next on the list of ‘What to do in Hawaii?’ is the eastern region of Big Island called Kona. Why does it sound familiar? This name is music in the ears of coffee drinkers. Kona coffee is considered one of the best – and most expensive – in the world. There are 800 plantations in the region – and one is the perfect destination for families with children.

Coffee is part of Hawaii’s culture, and they want to show children how it is made and how people lived back in the time in Hawaii. Their small plantation is still producing coffee. They also have animals, but above, the main focus of the Kona region is that every child should see how the great-grandparents lived without electricity and water supply. Children can also bake bread and find out why the legs of the storage cabinet are in oil-filled cans. And also learn a simple method to protect against cockroaches. For every child, no matter where he/she is from, it is important to spend some time at Kona, so as to be familiar with life skills.

6. Baldwin Beach on Maui

Baldwin Beach

For many people, Maui is the dream island par excellence. And indeed, it offers the longest beaches in Hawaii. But also by far the most rain. Large parts are covered by rainforest. Baldwin Beach is a cliché beach: wide, white and never crowded. The surf is substantial and it is advised that even older children should never be out of the lifeguard zones. But the best part about these beaches is that even these are not overpopulated. It must always be prioritized in the list of ‘Things to do in Hawaii?’.

And that’s the strange thing about Hawaii: Although, every week dozens of cruise giants dock, even though airplanes carry tens of thousands of tourists every day, you’ll find white beaches with turquoise waters that are barely human. That’s maybe the secret of the dream destination Hawaii. So, if you are still wondering what to do in Hawaii?, Just come here and make your itinerary on one of the beaches.

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