Crazy Things To Do In Tasmania

things to do in Tasmania

Apart from actual seasons and mouthwatering treats, Tasmania is home to some of the incredible destinations and places that the travellers can explore! Just imagine a Dutch-style farm, old trees which are older than Australia and various other destinations allowing you to reconnect with Mother Nature parting your heart frisking a bit! As said, Tasmania is an incredible destination to visit. In this article, we will talk about some of the crazy things to do in Tasmania.

If you are already heading to the airport, then you should have an idea about the wonders of this place. Let’s take a sneak-peak! 

Incredible and Crazy things to do in Tasmania:

Tasmania is the beginning of adventure and attracts most of the travellers who love adventures. Before we move on some of the coolest things to do in Tasmania, let us check some of the exciting tourist destinations. 

Explore the Salamanca Market which is quite famous

If you looking for the best market in Australia, then you can head towards the Salamanca market which is one of the famous markets. This market is accessible during Saturdays only and it brings to you variety of local beauties and talents. There are a total of near about 300 stallholders and you will find everything- glassware, woodwork, fashion, ceramics and what not! You also get to enjoy local flavours of the place like sourdough and cheese. 

Enjoy the annual junction Arts festival 

One of the crazy things to do in Tasmania is get involved in the annual junction Arts festival which is an exceptional festival that takes place in Tasmania. This festival brings together all the audiences and the artists that you cannot imagine.  It takes pride in keeping all the things very innovative and some of the features of this festival include- enjoying local music at the backyard of the local houses, relaxing in a sauna and you can also enjoy performances inside the carwash. 

Frisk through the biggest tulip fields 

tulip fiels in tasmania

The very famous farm of Tasmania, especially known by the name of Table Cape Tulip Farm, is where you can enjoy vibrant colours that bloom in the month of September and October. One of the coolest things to do in Tasmania takes a walk through the largest fields that feature tulip fields of rainbow colour and lies in the Southern Hemisphere. This farm is home to the biggest tulip festival which is held during October month to celebrate the arrival of spring. The festival includes live music, exciting activities, great food and reputed artists. 

Enjoy the enticing things of MONA

mona museum

Have you heard the name of MONA? If you are in Tasmania, you will find that most of the people over here will talk about MONA. It is basically one of the privately-owned museums of Australia which allows you to soak in the crazy interactive art. It is different from the other museum because the portrayals of the art in MONA are interactive and very much different from the art galleries that you have visited. A very famous festival takes place in Tasmania that is known by the name of Dark MONO festival because of the displays of controversial and provoking art. 

Build friendships with the Tasmanian devils

tasmania devil

This is one of the adventurous things to do in Tasmania. How can you make friends with a devil? Sounds quirky, right? Well, Tasmanian Devil Unzoo gives you a traditional experience and is based on the concept of human encounters with nature and wildlife. This is one of the best and memorable encounters that you will have in your life and will be etched in your memory throughout your life!  The zoo is designed in such a way that the cages are hidden or they are left open to make you wonder how to enter the habitat of the wild. This zoo is famous for saving the endangered devils of Tasmania. You will get a four in one experience which include- wildlife adventures, art gallery, close up encounter with the wild animals and a native garden of the Tasmanians. 

Adventurous activities in Tasmania that you should try out:

If you are not satisfied with the offerings of Tasmania and have more demands from this place, you should check out some of the coolest things to do in Tasmania. Apart from its beautiful museums, forests and coastlines, there are various other things to hot your adrenaline rush. 

Sunset kayaking

Sunset kayaking

One of the adventurous things to do in Tasmania is sunset kayaking which allows you to watch the dusk over the untainted background of Coles Bay on the east coast of Tasmania. Take the Freycinet Adventures, and enjoy the view of the white glazy sand and the turquoise waters while floating on the crystal clear ocean water. It’s a nice outing and will take a maximum of three hours. However, if you have earlier experience of Kayaking then you can lease your own kayaks and enjoy a two-day trip.

Mountain biking on the tracks of Mountain Wellington

mountain biking

This is one of the beautiful things to try out in Tasmania. You can hire mountain bikes from the famous bike shops in town. However, it will be best to choose those companies that offer you the state of the art mountain bikes to make the entire adventure smoother for you! It is basically a thrilling bike ride of 10 kilometres and the endpoint of this mountain biking is Glenorchy Bike park from where you can enjoy some other trails. 

Sailing around Bruny island

Sailing around Bruny island

Explore the diverse habitat and natural wildlife on a boat cruise ride along Bruny Island. This is one of the adventurous things to do in Tasmania because you can enjoy diverse views of various species of animals, seabirds and what not! 

These are some of the best and crazy things to do in Tasmania. Another interesting trip that you can take is to look for lobsters. Keep in mind; if you are not searching for the grilled or cooked ones then this trip is for you. You will be able to spot giant lobsters which are 80 cm in length and are considered to have survived for many ages. Therefore, it is hard to find such beauty, adventures and amazing sights altogether in one place. Tasmania will never fail to amaze you with its beauty and charm!

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