Unusual Things To Do In Chile

things to do in chile

Chile is one of the least explored destinations in South America. With such a vast length of the country, Chile definitely has some of the dear experiences for the tourists. Chile is famous for its magnificent outdoors and panoramic landscapes. If you have time in your hand then you can try out some of the unusual things to do in Chile

Seven unusual things to do in Chile:

If you have a few hours to kill in between exploring the main destinations of Chile, then you should check out the following weird things to do in Chile

Visit the Cementerio Municipal

Cementerio Municipal

Cementerio Municipal is one of the famous burial grounds on the planet situated in the most remote cities to the south of Patagonia. Vivid gravestones, a rule to the obscure Native American, vigorously shaped cypress trees, and sensational family graves with Croatian, German and Spanish last names make a serious multiethnic sight at the Cementerio Municipal in Punta Arenas.

There is a beautiful story behind this burial ground. It is said that a Russian pioneer, known as Sara Braun in 1924 inherited her husband’s property after his death. She donated the main gate. However, according to the locals of the place, it is said that Sara Braun wanted the central door to remain closed after her death. So it remains closed on her request.

It has been considered as one of the most beautiful cemeteries with the European style like graves that includes drawings, religious icons, toys etc. You can definitely say that visiting a cemetery is one of the unusual things to do in Chile

Taste the rainwater and Chilean seaweed at Borago

Chilean seaweed at Borago

This is one of the restaurants where you will be first served to taste Patagonian rainwater and seaweed and later on they allow you to explore other algae, herbs, plants and sea mushrooms, desert mushrooms and sea mushrooms which are exclusively found in Chile. This is basically a primitive restaurant and their menu consists of 16 different types of plant-based meals and the chefs will serve you meals in a very high end-setting. Beautiful plates will be given to you by the chefs and the cooks. Trying these exclusive menus here is one of the fun things to do in Chile

Explore the driest places of Chile

Atacama Desert

It is said that there are some parts of the Atacama Desert which has never-ever received any rainfall. You will get to enjoy the most unique ecosystems of this dried landscape. You can enjoy the beauty while coloured lagoons, red canyons, smoking volcanoes and the shimmering thermal lakes. For an adventure in Atacama Desert, the best thing you can do is booking your accommodation at Tierra Atacama hotel and spa that offers you a 4×4 tour. 

Boat riding at Marble caves of Chile Chico

Marble caves

One of the fun things to do in Chile is the boat riding at the marble caves of Chile Chico. The shimmering and the swirling blue waves of the water is the reflection of the lake’s blue waters. However, this colour depends on the time of the year and the levels of water. You can access the caves only with the help of a boat ride which will be of 30 minutes.

The local company operates the tours only the weather conditions permit! The best time to explore this place is between the month of September to February when the ice melts and the lake appears to be of turquoise colour. The best time for boating will be during the morning hours to capture great pictures on your camera with full sunlight!

Get a glimpse of perfect harmony of design and nature in Termas Geometricas

Termas Geometricas

One of the weird things to do in Chile is getting a view of the perfect blend of design and nature in the hot spring spa of Chile. You will have to travel for 40-50 minutes to reach this place and this place is not at all easy to find. All your hard work will pay off once you get a glimpse of it.

Termas Geometricas has a beautiful crimson walkaway that leads to beautiful pools. If you want to enjoy a relaxing natural spa therapy this is definitely the best place. There are a total of 17 pools in the spa which naturally emerged out of the hot springs.

There is a hut next to each of the pools which is made up of the same crimson colour as the walkaway. The hut is beautifully decorated with grass plantations at the roof thus giving it a look as if it is a natural extension of mother earth! You will be amazed to see this unusual beauty in Chile. 

Enjoy fog beer at Atrapaniebla Brewery

Atrapaniebla Brewery

One of the fun things to do in Chile is enjoying fog beer at one of the famous breweries of Chile. Chile is famous for its wine. Marco and Miguel, the two famous engineers found out that water production was not sufficient to produce beer. They used the system of mist collection which helped them to harvest water from fogs or clouds.

This mist water is fresher than normal drinking water because the concentration of nitrate, carbon and sulfate is very minimal. Drinking beer made up of fog is definitely one of the weird things to do in Chile. Most of you cannot even imagine this concept!  A peg of beer is all you need to rejuvenate your soul!

Montana Magica Lodge

montana magica lodge

Montana Magica Lodge is situated in the dense wilderness of Chile’s Huilo Reserve. All other hotels have been made up of stone spire but this is the only lodge that was man-made.  Each of the rooms of the lodge has been given a name which is a name of the bird.


You will relish all the modern facilities inside. One of the major attractions is the hot tubs which are made up of tree woods and they are filled with water. This hotel can be entered only by a rope bridge. 

These are some of the unusual things to do in Chile. If you haven’t done yet or you didn’t have any idea about them, now is the time you should pack your bags and explore each one of them. Chile is one such destination that will never fail to amaze you! 

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