What to do in Buenos Aires?

Buenos Aires

Welcome to Buenos Aires, the metropolis with the most bookshops per person, the flair of traditional coffee houses, colorful buildings and trendy neighborhoods. The city is just fantastic and casts a spell that can charm anyone. A big city that can compete with New York. We have put together a list of what to do in Buenos Aires, to help you make the most of your time. We will tell you which activities are worthwhile, where you can have a good breakfast and what you should not miss.

Let’s find out what the city has to offer in the segment ‘What to do in Buenos Aires?’

Teatro Colon – just wow!

Teatro colon

If you are an Opera Lover, you should try to get tickets for a performance at the Teatro Colon. But even those who are not familiar with opera, you will miss something if you don’t visit this incredible structure. Several guided tours take place daily, allowing you to step into the hallowed halls, admire the lavishly decorated ceilings and walls, and learn interesting facts. Did you know, for example, that everything, really, is all handcrafted, even the costumes, in the theater itself? No wonder it is one of the top 5 most beautiful opera houses in the world. 

Price: about 10 Euro per person

Duration: Approx. 50 minutes

Tango Porteno


If you are thinking, what is so special about Argentina, its Tango. In Buenos Aires, there are several houses that offer you a dinner show. One such house is Tango Porteno. Porteno is the term for the Argentines who live and grew up in the city of Buenos Aires. Here you sit and enjoy your three-course meal, while highly professional dancers show you what makes Tango so special. When the ladies are swirling across the stage in their glittering clothes, and you just let the delicious dessert melt on your tongue, you know you’ve done everything right to spend this evening in Tango Porteno.

Tickets for Tango Porteno

Price: 65 Euro



Every city has them, these districts are so cool that you do not have to go to any particular spot. Walking around is enough to capture the flair. Palermo is just such a district. Here live artists, working architects and all else who can afford it. Anyone would easily be able to recognize that artists live here as they have literally converted the streets of Palermo into an art exhibition. Nice shops with colorfully designed facades, good restaurants, and cool bars define it. Palermo in the list of ‘what to do in Buenos Aires’ is a must-visit for any artist.


If you like it a bit quieter, but still want to marvel at beautiful house facades, go to the district Baraccas, more precisely in the Calle Lanin. The artist Marino Santa Maria has elaborately decorated the houses of this street with colorful mosaics, which should enhance the less popular area.

El Ateneo Grand Splendid


We are glad to include this place on the list of ‘what to do in Buenos Aires’ because it is a city with the most bookshops per inhabitant. Somehow crazy, considering how modern the metropolis is. However, the Argentinians like to succumb to the charm of the printed word and so there are not only many bookstores, but also really beautiful ones. Among the most beautiful in the world, the El Ateneo Grand Splendid was chosen as the best library. What makes it special? The premises, because there are countless bookshelves in the middle of a former theater. One must visit this extravagant library and that is why it has a sweet spot in the list of ‘what to do in Buenos Aires’.

Opening Hours: Mon to Thu 9, 22 pm, Fri & Sat 9 am – 0 am, Sun 12 am – 10 pm

Most Beautiful Markets in Buenos Aires

Plazoleta Art Market Julio Cortazar

Plazoleta Julio Cortazar

Every Saturday, this small fine market takes place in Palermo. Whether Tango watercolors, handmade jewelry, T-shirts or dog leashes – the selection is colorful, handmade and really beautiful. A great place to buy an authentic souvenir. Opening hours: every Saturday from 10 am to 8 pm, the best time to visit is the afternoon

The San Telmo Market

San Telmo Market

Siphons in shades of blue and green, mugs, jewelry and all else that a typical market would give you, can be found at the flea market in San Telmo. It is loved by not only the locals but also tourists.

Food Night Market

Food night market

About twice a month there is a food night market in Buenos Aires. Maybe you’re lucky and it’s just when you’re there. But it is the best place to taste the best of Argentinian Street Food. This is a must-do for a foodie in the list of ‘What to do in Buenos Aires’.

The Best View – Pulitzer Hotel Skybar

Pulitzer Hotel Skybar

The 32nd floor of the Pulitzer Hotel offers a magnificent view of the city and is also open to visitors. This is one of the most lavish and extravagant places to visit and thus had to be included in the list of ‘What to do in Buenos Aires’. As a tourist, you might feel a little underdressed for the occasion but nobody would laugh at you for sure as there will be many others like you.

The best souvenirs 

best souvenirs

Do you want to bring your loved ones something nice from Buenos Aires? Classic souvenirs are the old glass water dispensers from the market in San Telmo. For all those with a sweet tooth, I recommend the Alfajores from DDL & Co in Palermo. They are really divine. 

We think this list of ‘What to do in Buenos Aires’ is sufficient for a 5-day journey and would be extremely enjoyable as Buenos Aires is a city and unlike other travels to the most remote locations in the world, you would not find a shortage of things here.

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