What to do in Cancún?


A dream of white sand beaches, fascinating nature and impressive Mayan culture awaits you. 

All this combined with a lively nightlife and exciting day trips. This article will give you a better idea of what to do in Cancún.

If you are drawn to the distance and you want to set off to new shores. Then perhaps Cancún is just the place for you because nowhere else do you have so many different options waiting for you.

Here you are not only lying around on the beach, but you have the choice between many different water sports and activities and from excursions to the fascinating ruins of the ancient Maya. If you want, you can of course still enjoy a cool drink at the hotel pool or at one of the many dream beaches. Whether party, family or relaxing holiday – every one of you is in good hands. Read more about the vibrant city on Playa del Carmen and see what Cancún has to offer.

Sunny days in Cancún


Located on the Yucatán Peninsula, in the warm southeast of Mexico, Cancún is a popular holiday destination because of its warm temperatures all year round. You can enjoy a pleasant 20-30 degrees, thanks to guaranteed sunshine for your tan. To be honest, the beach in Cancún is not that difficult to find. Along the coast stretches a seemingly never-ending, white powdered sugar beach.

However, it is the most beautiful directly on the Isla Cancún. Here you will find, the Playa Las Perlas, Playa Linda, Playa Langosta, or the party beach Playa Tortugas. Fine sand wherever you look and green palm trees and covered umbrellas to give you some shade in the midday sun. Although most beaches are among the city’s many hotels and resorts, some of them are freely accessible. The Playa Delfines, the Playa Chac-Mool and the Playa Marlin are accessible to everyone. If you are looking for a bit more island atmosphere, you should definitely take a short trip to Isla Mujeres plan, to see the beautiful Playa Norte beach. It is a must-visit on the list of what to do in Cancún.

Isla Mujeres beach


The best part about Cancún is that you will never sit and wonder about what to do in Cancún. The adventure will magically appear in front of you. Lots of action and activities are the reasons that attract so many visitors to the city on the Yucatán Peninsula each year. Most Americans and Canadians like to come here to celebrate their spring break or to benefit from a variety of offers for adventure-hungry tourists. 

You can go sailing, parasailing, snorkeling and water skiing with your own boat in the wonderful sunsets which is the answer to what to do at the Cancún beaches. or spend your free time at one of the many golf courses. Cancún is almost an amusement park right on the Caribbean Sea and invites you to extensive diving tours through caves, coral reefs, and mysterious underwater worlds.

Tacos and delicious seafood


Enough about what to do in Cancún, let’s talk about what to eat in Cancún. Those who do not just spend their time on the beach wearing a bath towel and sunglasses will find plenty of variety in Cancún’s entertainment district, which stretches along the hotel zone. In Cancún, you will not have any problems filling your stomach with Mexican delicacies or eating one or two burgers in a classic American restaurant. But in my opinion, you should aim especially for the tacos.

A special experience is a dinner at NAVIOS fusion Mexican Food, where you can dine directly on a jetty over the water and enjoy exclusive Mexican cuisine. Perfect for an evening for two, you can end here at the romantic sunset in small houses on the water.

In the footsteps of the Maya

Footstep of maya

The absolute highlight of your trip to Mexico should definitely be a visit to the ancient Mayan ruins that can be found everywhere on Yucatan and especially in the coastal areas. Right next to Cancún are some of these treasures just waiting to be explored by you. So, how about a day trip to the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Chichen Itza, less than 200 kilometers from Cancún. The impressive Mayan pyramid is one of the seven new wonders of the world. Nestled in the beautiful scenery, you will find an archaeological site that can teach you a lot about the history of the Maya.

Maya Chichen Itza in Mexico. Visiting the Mayan temple is usually on the top of the itinerary of most travelers and the first answer to anyone who asks ’what to do in Cancún?’.

Colorful coral reefs and an underwater museum

Colorful coral reefs underwater museum

Now, we have something very special for you that you should not miss during your stay in Cancún. A highlight among the Cancún tips, at least if you like to stay in the underwater world. Here there is a unique underwater museum. Around 400 sculptures by the artist, Jason de Caires Taylor are found here in the depths of the sea, some of them already inhabited by corals and marine animals.

Hidden Oases: The Cenotes


Just as fascinating as the coral reefs off the coast of Mexico are the so-called Cenotes, which you can find everywhere around the city. The Cenote Azul is close by and invites you to relax, dive and explore. Previously, these streams and underwater caves were used by the Maya as freshwater springs. Today, however, they serve numerous tourists as a point of refreshing and cooling.

Excursions to the fascinating nature of Cancún

If you have not guessed, the plants and animals that populate the jungles of Mexico are as diverse as any other place on earth. Visit Akumal Beach, where you can swim with turtles, or admire the most exotic animal species, from pelicans to flamingos. Cancún is simply a paradise for all nature lovers. The Yucatan peninsula is also very popular with backpackers and offers discovery tours and hikes. Here you will also find the National Park Sian Ka’anWith an area of about 5,300 square kilometers, it is certainly big enough to allow the natural diversity of Mexico to be absorbed.

Legendary parties on the beaches of Cancún

cancun beach

Students never ask what to do in Cancún because they mostly come here to take part in the legendary nightlife of the city. At hardly any other place in the world, the Spring Break is celebrated as exuberantly as here. From early to mid-March, the parties are in full swing and you can spend a very special holiday in Mexico. But even outside the semester break of the American and Canadian universities, the party goes on and you can celebrate in the best and largest nightclubs in the world.

Your vacation in Mexico


A place to fall in love with, don’t you think? Cancún is simply a holiday paradise, from the exciting day trips to the most extraordinary destinations. What do you say, is your next vacation may be going to sunny Mexico? If yes, keep this list of what to do in Mexico, handy.

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