7 Best Wildlife National Parks In USA

Best Wildlife National Parks USA

If by USA, you remember Cowboys and Hamburgers, you are not wrong. But there is much more beauty defined by 7 Best Wildlife National Parks In USA.

In currently 59 official national parks, the scenic beauty of the USA is unprecedented. Each national park is a special feature in itself and has many different species of animal and plant and enchants you with its impressive natural spectacles like you’ve never seen in the world. From dusty deserts to majestic mountains to fabulous moorlands with wild crocodiles, the national parks of 7 Best Wildlife National Parks In USA, hold so many surprises.

Here is the list of 7 Best Wildlife National Parks In USA

Bryce Canyon National Park

Bryce Canyon National Park, Best Wildlife National Parks In USA
National Geographic

Bryce Canyon National Park is in the southwest of Utah. It is known for his red, white and orange rock pyramids, the so-called hoodoos, which extend in different thicknesses towards the sky.

The park has various difficult hiking routes. Bryce Canyon National Park in the moonlight, sunrise and sunset is especially worth seeing. Take a guided tour or explore the natural spectacle on your own.

Death Valley National Park

Death Valley National Park, Best Wildlife National Parks USA
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The Death Valley National Park can get uncomfortably hot with temperatures crossing 50 degrees in summer. This US National Park in the northern Mojave Desert on the edge of the Great Basin Desert one of the driest areas in the world.

The dusty and dry desert at the border of California and Nevada filming location for famous movie Star Wars. The Badwater Basin of Death Valley is 282 meters below sea level which is the lowest point in North America.

The rugged rocky landscape at Zabriskie Point, the sand dunes called Mesquite Dunes, and the large, impressive salt lakes provide fascinating views.

In addition, the yet unresolved natural phenomenon ‘The Wandering Rock’ in the National Park makes it one of the best among the 7 Best Wildlife National Parks In USA.

Yellowstone National Park

Yellowstone National Park
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The Yellowstone National Park in the Rocky Mountains is not only the first and oldest national park in the USA but the whole world. A colourful iridescent thermal lake, high-flying geysers and raging waterfalls make the Yellowstone National Park very special.

Here, nature truly surpasses itself with its beauty. The Grand Spring that looks as colourful as the colours beyond a Prism, is located in the National Park and is the third-largest hot spring in the world.

An Incredible 2000 litres of hot water with a temperature of 71 degrees Celsius flows from the source per minute. The colourful border around the lake is created by microorganisms that live on the edge of the spring and is unique in the list of 7 Best Wildlife National Parks In USA.

The number of visitors coming to Yellowstone National Park increased dramatically after the movie 2012 because it is considered to be the mouth of a forming super-volcano that is capable of destroying the planet.

Yosemite National Park

Yosemite National Park
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The most popular and well-known National Park in the USA is Yosemite National Park in California. A long valley with granitic rocks that are more than 1,000 meters high, rising almost horizontally.

The wooded valley floor looks like a little fairyland. Walk among the mountains, listen to the over 700 meter high waterfalls, stumble across the roots of the sequoia trees and enjoy the numerous viewpoints witnessing beautiful sunrises and sunsets.

Thanks to the diverse network of hiking trails, there is something for everyone here. The Valley attracts millions of visitors every year to witness the epitome of beauty amongst the others in the list of 7 Best Wildlife National Parks In USA.

Grand Canyon National Park

Grand Canyon National Park
The Times

The Grand Canyon National Park is well known by everyone and therefore cannot be missed from the list of 7 Best Wildlife National Parks In USA. It is 450 kilometres in length, between six and 30 kilometres wide and up to 1,800 meters deep, it is one of the world’s grandest spectacles.

For several million years, the Colorado River has washed this extraordinary gorge. Today, you can enjoy the view from various vantage points and hiking trails.

In addition, various organizers offer tours on mules, boat trips on the Colorado River and sightseeing flights by helicopter.

Kings Canyon & Sequoia National Park

Kings Canyon & Sequoia National Park, Best Wildlife National Parks In USA
Sunset Magazine

The Kings Canyon and the popular Sequoia National Park in California provide the best location for treks and long walks. The special highlights here are giant sequoias, which are among the largest and oldest in the world.

The largest of them, the General Sherman Tree, rises up to 84 meters in height and has a diameter of 10 meters. You feel very tiny, standing in front of the Sequoia tree.

Among them is also the highest mountain in the USA outside of Alaska, the 4418 meter high Mount Whitney. The neighbouring Kings Canyon is 2,500 meters and the deepest valleys of North America.

The Kings Canyon & Sequoia National Park amongst others in the list of 7 Best Wildlife National Parks In USA is perfect for hiking.

Monument valley

Monument valley
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Monument Valley is not an official National Park of the USA, but it is one of the best amongst 7 Best Wildlife National Parks In USA. The huge plateau is located at 1900 meters altitude in northern Arizona and is still managed by the Navajo Indians.

The area looks like it’s from another planet. Red glowing table mountains with bizarre rock formations and only rust-brown sand for as far and wide the eyes can see.

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The oldest rock deposits are over 300 million years old. No wonder that Monument Valley has already served as the location for numerous movies and commercials.

So here is the list of 7 Best Wildlife National Parks In USA. You can plan your next hiking trip to any one of these National parks without worrying because the Park Authorities maintain the park well and also prioritize the security of visitors.

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