Popular US Airlines

Planning to book your next flight but are not sure about which airlines to choose? We are here to help. These are some of the most popular airlines in the United States offering some of the best onboard experience to its passengers. 

American Airline


With American spotlight stay occupied during your flight. Enjoy the latest movies, TV shows, games and Hollywood’s blockbuster. What’s more, the inflight library can be streamed onto your smartphone. Enjoy while relaxing.

Inflight Dining

Their Dining experience is perfectly curated for passengers in accordance with the length and destination of their flights. Get served with a variety of snacks and beverages to keep you feeling full and satisfied.

Delta Airlines

Be assured to reach your destination on time with Delta Airlines. Having one of the best on-time performance records don’t worry to miss out on your commitments anymore.

Delta Studio

Don’t miss on the in-flight entertainment with Delta studio, watch the latest movies, TV shows, and listen to your favourite jams on the go.


Delta Airlines provides its passenger with an exclusive lineup of chef-inspired meals, craft beer, Starbucks coffee and many other varieties of snacks, meals and beverages.

On-Board Wifi:

Stay connected with friends and family on the go, never miss an important conversation while on a Delta flight.