Privacy Policy

Why We Collect Certain Personal Information From You?

  • According to the Transportation Security Administration of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, we are required to gather certain personal information from the travelers.
  • The purpose of this information is to do screening for watch list screening. It is performed under the 49 U.S.C. § 114 authority, and the Intelligence Reform and Terrorism Prevention Act of 2004.
  • Provision of this information is made voluntarily. However, if you fail to provide it, you may be subjected to take part in additional screening or denied transportation or authorization to make an entry in a sterile area.
  • Transportation Security Administration may share information gathered from you with the law enforcement agencies or intelligence agencies or some other agencies if required. This is done under its published records notice system.
  • To know more about the Privacy policies of T.S.A., or to have a view of records notice system and the assessment of privacy impact, please visit the T.S.A.’s Web site at tsa.gov

Privacy Policy Statement of Tickets Daddy

Kindly read our Privacy Policy, which also regulates your visit to our website in order to have a better understanding of our practices. Our Privacy Policy provides you an explanation of how we secure and use your gathered personal information.

Important Note: If you have any objection on our gathering, using or transferring your information like this, we request you NOT to use our services.  

Security and Protection of Your Personal Data

  • To ensure the complete security and protection of your credit, debit or charge card information and restrict its use without your permission, our service may need validation of your personal information including your name, email and mailing address, contact number that you provided in during the process of booking process against suitable databases of the third party.

Authorization to Perform Security Checks

  • By accepting our stated Terms & Conditions, you consent as well as authorize us to conduct the verification as mentioned above checks as required and authorized by T.S.A.
  • While performing these security checks, you agree and acknowledge that your personal information which you shared with us may be shared with a registered Credit Reference Agency. This agency may keep a complete or partial record of your information.
  • We assure you that this process of verification is done solely to verify and confirm your identity and that through this process, we do not perform any kind of credit check. This process will not have any effect on your credit ratings, whatsoever.
  • We process all your personal information strictly under the Data Protection Act of 1998.