Refund Policy

  • Kindly note that most of the airline tickets, hotel booking, pre-paid rentals for cars, exclusive packages for vacations, and fees for services, 24 hours following the booking, are non-refundable.
  • The insurance charges provided for trip protection are refundable within the 30 days following the purchase, if you have either not commenced your travel or have contacted our customer service center for cancellation.

Terms and Conditions for Refund

Your refund request can only be processed if it meets the following terms and conditions

  • You have already applied for cancellation as well as the refund of the amount from us that is if the rules of our fare allow for cancellation and refunds;
  • You do not follow in the category of “no show” (because most of the “no show” bookings do not have eligibility for any kind of waiver from the suppliers to facilitate refund process).
  • There is no specific timeline provided for the processing of cancellation and refunds. We process all refunds in a sequential manner.

Remember that the fees of our services linked to the original reservations or bookings for travel are non-refundable. Please also note that your request for refunds is dependent on the suppliers to refund the requested amount

Generally, a refund penalty is charged by the suppliers of services. This entire refund process can take anywhere from 60-90 days following the date of receiving your refund request to finally getting credit back in your account.

  • In addition to other refund penalties, Tickets Daddy also charges a service fees for post-ticketing, as applicable.
  • We charge all the refund fees on per-passenger and per-ticket basis.

Special Discounts

According to our Compassion Exception Policy (CEP), we provide special discounts to the Military, in the case of Natural Disasters, and Bereavement, and the Visually Impaired people.

Cancellation Password

For security reasons, we provide only entertain cancellations over the phone. After we receive your request, a unique cancellation password is sent to your provided email which should be availed within 3 hours after issuance otherwise it expires. Call us back to obtain a new cancellation password if it expires before we process your cancellation.