Government Taxes and Fees*

*As per US government tax laws and regulations

Tax for Traveling Facilities                                        May be applicable to
Fee of U.S. Federal Segment                                     U.S. Local and International
Excise Tax of U.S.                                                              U.S. Local and International
Charges for Passenger Facilities                                   U.S. Local and International
Security for September 11th                                          U.S. Local and International
International Transportation Tax of US                       U.S. Local and International
Fee for U.S. Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service                  international
Fees for U.S. Immigration and Naturalization                               international
Fee for U.S. Customs Users                                                        international
International Government Taxes or Fees Imposed by Airport        international

Our Charges

Type of Charges May be applicable to
Fees for Air Transactions Services U.S. Local and International
Charges for Hotel Transaction Service All Hotels
Charges for Car Rental Transaction service All types of car rentals


*You can convert our fees and charges in your local currency when you visit our payment page.

** Types of passengers

 Adults, children, senior citizens, infants, students, military

Important note

All our service fees transactions are non-refundable. We are authorized to make changes in our service fees and charges without prior notice. Taxes and fees imposed by the U.S. government are also subject to change. We only charge you the final total payment as displayed.

There are certain exceptions that may apply to the bookings mentioned above:

Exceptions Service Fees Charges
Service fees for booking online holiday package Up to $50 / passenger
Airfares for first class and business class Up to $150/ passenger
Trips to multiple cities Up to $40/ passenger
Trip to cities that have high rate of fraud Up to $55/ passenger
Fees for alternate airport and nearby airport Up to $100/passenger
Fares of Fusions Up to $100 / passenger
Unaccompanied minor tickets fees Up to $100/ passenger


Fees for Service of Contact Center booking

 Fees for service of our contact center booking may be bit higher than the online booking fees that can be from anywhere between $10 and $200 per passenger (for senior citizens it can be up to $100). Contact Center bookings include premium package benefits.

To know more about our booking terms and conditions kindly read our ‘Terms and Conditions