Terms & Condition

Authorization for Sending Communications

Through the use of this Site in any form such as browsing, making reservations or booking, you permit Tickets Daddy to communicate with you in different ways such as email, by sending mail posts, instant messaging, on phone or any other electronic or paper medium of communication. The primary purpose of these communications is for the enhanced customer experience and provides you with exclusive deals and offers.

Trademark and Copyright Notices

The brand name © 2019 “Tickets Daddy” and  our slogan, “Tickets Daddy.com the only way to go!!” are registered trademarks of Tickets Daddy and no one has the right of ownership to these trademarks except Tickets Daddy . We are also the sole owners of the copyrights and ownership of the complete content that is visible and displayed on the Tickets Daddy website.

You can only view the content of this website for print or information or non-commercial purpose only and must carry this notice of copyright. Any displayed trademarks, as well as service marks, are also sole property of Tickets Daddy LLC.

Access Termination

Tickets Daddy in its sole discretion reserves the rights of termination of your right to access some parts or the whole Site, without liability, with or without providing any prior notice and without notifying any reason.

No Waiver Right

If the Tickets Daddy is unable to enforce complete or any part of these mentioned Terms & Conditions, even then these Terms and Condition apply to your use of this Site. No circumstances or conditions shall allow some part of or the entire Terms and Conditions, which have been stated here, to be accepted as a waiver. The only waiver which holds some legal effect is a written and signed waiver document from the Tickets Daddy representative, whatsoever.

Termination Due to Data Scrapping

If you do not make use of this Site as authorized and violates its use by doing various scans   through data scraping, or screen scraping, Tickets Daddy reserves an immediate termination right of the use of this Site by you, without prior notice.

No Relationship of these Terms and Conditions to Other Parties 

There is nothing in these mentioned Terms & Conditions that shall be considered as developing some joint venture or partnership with independent contractors or building employment relationship between Tickets Daddy or any other parties, hereto as your website usage or making while reservations for travel or bookings. Neither Tickets Daddy nor you are authorized, as per these Terms & Conditions, as other party agent or the employee or a legal representative. No party can exercise any authority for binding or committing the other party.